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RADIANT Virtual Meeting 13th September - open to all members

Join us at our upcoming meeting and find out how you can get involved in our upcoming projects!

RADIANT UK has come along way since its inception, growing from a small network of like-minded trainees to a large research collaborative supported by multiple experts, the RCR and more. We have rapidly developed our organisation and as such have needed to adapt to accommodate for increasing membership numbers and research projects.

As such, we have restructured our organisation and now no longer have regional representatives. We would like to thank everyone who has previously contributed as a regional rep, and will send out certificates to anyone who needs one for their portfolio. Moving forward, we encourage those interested in joining RADIANT to sign up to our mailing list. We will send out news, updates, and opportunities to get involved in ongoing projects.

New projects

At our annual meeting we organised a brainstorming session in which our members came up with several fantastic ideas for our network to develop and get involved with. The following projects have been selected for further development:

  • Educational project: Increasing public awareness of what radiologists do.

  • Quality improvement project: Involvement of LTFT trainees in research.

  • HCC Research project

We will be discussing each project in more detail at our upcoming meeting, so join us to find out more about how you can get involved.

Thank you to everyone else who submitted other pitches at our meeting. We look forward to hosting further brainstorming sessions in the future.

If you have any project ideas you wish to share with us, please fill in the following google form to do so and we will be in touch to discuss your idea further.

Further Opportunities

Don't forget to sign up to our mailing list and also follow us on Twitter to receive more updates. If you have a research opportunity you want to share with our members then please get in touch at our email or via Twitter.

Next Meeting

All of our members are invited to the next meeting with which is scheduled for 13th September 1830 via zoom.


  • Introduction to new committee members

  • New projects updates:

    • LTFT project

    • Increasing awareness of what Radiologists do survey

    • HCC

  • Existing projects

    • CT Head project

    • AI project


    • Stats survey - Soraya

    • Covid

    • Radiant meeting – Jason

  • Funding

  • Prospective authorship

  • Any other matters

  • Next meeting – October 4th 6.30pm

Thank you!


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