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Radiology Academic Network for Trainees (RADIANT)


We are a collaborative network of diverse trainees from across the UK, supported by the Royal College of Radiologists and National Institute for Health Research.

Our aim is to improve patient care through multi-centre research, audit and quality improvement projects.

The first RADIANT committee was formed in 2019. Annual meetings are held virtually or at the Royal College of Radiologists. We also present projects at national and international meetings.

As part of our plan to expand our platform and improve the way we conduct our work we have changed our structure and no longer have regional representatives. Instead, to be a member of RADIANT all you need to do is sign up to our mailing list.

Please get in touch using the contact us page or via email if you have a project suggestion or are interested in working with us.


Click here to learn more about our journey so far.

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