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RADIANT UK @ RCR 23 and LTFT Project.

We would like to thank those who kindly attended our talk at this year's Royal College of Radiologists Annual Conference in Birmingham on Thursday, October 12th, 2023.

Speakers Dr Inderbir Jassel, Dr Priya Rogers, Dr Lara Jenali, Dr Jelena Banjeglav

We hope everyone enjoyed their time at this year's RCR 2023 in Birmingham!

It was a fantastic opportunity to share our research and our experiences, and if you are new here, welcome.

We had an excellent day at this year's RCR23, the RADIANT team held a number of presentations on who we are and held discussions on what can be done further to enrich and develop radiology research across the UK. This was followed by a brilliant interactive project pitch session.

Thank you to our speakers for their hard work put into presenting and running such a brilliant interactive session:

Dr Anmol Gangi-Burton, current Expert panel member: Bringing academics and aspiring researchers together

Dr Jason Mak, current Expert panel member: How can the RADIANT reshape the future of radiology research? A follow-up survey from the RADIANT Annual Meeting 2022

Dr Priya Rogers, current project selection officer: Thrombus distribution in vaccine-induced immune thrombotic, thrombocytopenia after ChAdOx1 nCov-19 vaccination,

Dr Jelena Banjeglav: Researching barriers to LTFT trainees with RADIANT

Dr Inderbir Jassell and Dr Lara Jehanli, Co-Chairs: Project pitch (An interactive session)


We are also excited to announce an update on our project:

Assessing barriers to research involvement for LTFT Radiology trainees.

The survey which aims to explore attitudes and barriers to research opportunities for LTFT radiology trainees in the UK is now available to take part in.

We will be circulating the survey to departments across the UK.

Project aims:

Our aim is to explore attitudes and barriers to research opportunities for LTFT radiology trainees by gathering data from past, present, and prospective LTFT radiology trainees. We aim to publish the findings in a peer-reviewed journal and to present the findings at national conferences through poster/oral presentations.

Getting involved:

If you are currently a radiology trainee in LTFT training, we would like to invite you to take part in our survey through our QR code below or via our link here.


The deadline for getting involved in the US HCC surveillance project is soon approaching.

If you would like to participate in RADIANT's UK nationwide research study the link to the sign-up form can be found here.


See you at RCR 2024!


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