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RADIANT AGM - Sign up for projects and join the committee.

The committee would like to thank those of you who kindly attended the RADIANT AGM in Sheffield on Monday 17th July, 2023.

The 2023 Committee
Thank you to our fantastic speakers who provided us with knowledge, inspiration, guidance, opportunities and more.

Tom Parry, medical statistician (research associate) with expertise in the design and analysis of diagnostic accuracy studies evaluating imaging tests, gave us a great lecture breaking down how to use statistics to provide data that helps answer clinical questions in the real-world. Previously, Tom put together a fantastic statistics package for aspiring researchers to learn from, which is available to browse in this document below:

RADIANT statistics modules
Download DOCX • 34KB

Dr Anmol Gangi, former RADIANT chair, current Expert Panel member, and Consultant Radiologist, provided updates for two COVID-19 projects undertaken by RADIANT, and shared useful guidance and advice to help us take our future RADIANT projects to the next level. We are grateful to Dr Gangi for her contributions to the RADIANT group.

Prof Nigel Hoggard, Academic Consultant Neuroradiologist, gave our members a brilliant insight into what panels are looking for when hiring Academic Clinical Fellows, and inspired our members to not be afraid to push for more when working through research projects!

Dr Krit Dwivedi, Trainee Radiologist and Wellcome Trust Clinical Fellow gave us useful tips and tricks to inspire our members to actively seek out and get involved in AI research projects. Top tip - work on your excel skills and don't be afraid to brag about them - this is a highly desirable skill when recruiters are looking for people to join projects!


We were able to share some updates about the following projects:

CHERUB-6 Project:

National guidelines have suggested that CT performed within 6 hours of symptom onset can confidently exclude subarachnoid haemorrhage. Currently, data on the accuracy of CT imaging performed > 6 hours is uncertain.

This project aims to:

  • assess the sensitivity, specificity, PPV and NPV of CT head in diagnosing suspected SAH at 6-12 hours, 12-24 hours and >24 hours post presentation.

  • To gain a practical estimate of sensitivity and specificity of CT head in correctly diagnosing SAH if performed within the 6 hour time window​

  • To quantify the likely impact of the updated NICE guidelines on current practice in the United Kingdom in units of investigations and hospital days saved​

Interested in getting involved?

You should consider signing up for recruitment if your centre has

  • A high volume A&E ​

  • Electronic patient notes​

  • Electronic access to biochemistry results​

And if you have the following skills:

  • Good attention to detail​

  • Organised​

  • Able to collect data for 300 patients​

This project could alter national guidelines, so if you are interested in gaining authorship as part of the RADIANT group in a peer-reviewed, high impact journal, then get in touch.

Register your interest here:


HCC Surveillance Project

Hepatocellular carcinoma incidence is on the rise, but national figures for effectiveness of HCC surveillance is unclear​.

This massive project has 3 strands:

  1. Conduct a prospective survey to assess patient experience and barriers to hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) ultrasound surveillance​

  2. Conduct a retrospective service evaluation to assess the adherence of ultrasound hepatocellular cancer surveillance in the UK​

  3. Conduct a retrospective service evaluation to assess the performance of US surveillance for HCC detection in the UK​

Reasons to get involved:

  • National project with tangible implications for improvement of US surveillance in the UK​

  • Get involved in a large scale research project and build important research skills ​

  • Multiple strands – can choose what suits you ​

  • Well supported by national project team and supervisors ​

  • Opportunity for collaborative authorship/acknowledgement under The RADIANT group.

Register your interest here.


Join the Committee

We are looking for some people to join us to support us with the running of our network. If you become a RADIANT officer, you will be taking on a role in leadership & management, which is something that is now sought after in ST1 applications and is essential when interviewing for consultant positions post-CCT.

While your role will be more managerial in nature, should you feel you have time there will be opportunities to get into research projects and data collection. You will be expected to put in a couple of hours work per month, attend monthly RADIANT meetings, and be willing to dedicate at least 18 months to the role (with a 6 month probationary period).

This is a great opportunity to develop your research experience, so no matter what your prior research experience, this role is for you. But it will require consistent effort and time to dedicate and grow your position. ​

​The positions we are looking for are as follows:

  • Social media officer

  • Website officer

  • Project coordination officer (2 positions available)

The social media & website officer will be expected to post radiant news on our blog, then share this information to our RADIANT members, adhering to GDPR guidelines throughout. We would like you to be comfortable with posting news and updates via email, website and our Twitter account. You will need to attend meetings to keep up to date with important news and events, and you will need to develop and foster relationships with academic organisations such as the RCR and NIHR, encouraging them to send us news and opportunities that can be shared with our members (so for example if there are opportunities to get involved in a phD or apply for a research grant, you will learn of these and retweet/email them. We are aiming to increase our newsletter output to at least once a month, and to increase our engagement on twitter. If this is a role you would be comfortable with then please apply. ​

We are also looking for project coordination officers. This will involve you keeping on top of the projects that are ongoing, basically making sure there is a unified platform where all the latest news, action plans and progress is documented. You will attend the monthly RADIANT meetings and document the latest project updates, or chase each project leader and ask them for project updates. Ideally we would like to have all this information saved on one platform that will be used by the RADIANT officers to monitor their own progress as well as the progress of others. You as the officer will have the flexibility to decide how to carry this out, but we would like you to consider using software like Asana/Monday,

This role will go to someone who is good at organisation, comfortable at or willing to use software like Asana, and ideally you should be someone who is prepared to persistently ask for updates from the committee. You will work closely with the Co-Chairs who will guide you through the process and back you up if you need any support. Again, you will get the opportunity to also be involved with research projects if you feel you have time to do so. ​This is an 18 month post with a 6-month probationary period.

Interested in applying? Submit your application now.


Well done to our fantastic Poster and Oral Presentation winners:

Oral Poster Presentation winner: Dr Ben Passmore-Webb, Transient axillary tail oedema after COVID-19 vaccination​ - Is it time to call it benign?

Poster Presentation winner: Dr Xenia John, Contrasting Opinions: Audit to report the Incidence of AKI in moderate and high-risk patients receiving IV contrast media


See you at the next AGM!


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