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Current Projects

Please see below for a list of ongoing projects, plus keep an eye out opportunities to get involved.

Assessing barriers to researchinvolvement for LTFT Radiology Trainees

To explore barriers to LTFT engaging in research through conducting a national survey.

Survey now closed

CT Head sensitivity for diagnosis of subarachnoid haemorrhage

CHERUB-6 Project

National guidelines have suggested that CT performed within 6 hours of symptom onset can confidently exclude subarachnoid haemorrhage. Currently, data on the accuracy of CT imaging performed > 6 hours is uncertain.

Project currently on hold

Increasing awareness of Radiology amongst patients

Multi-centre evaluation of USS surveillance for patients with HCC 

Multi-centre evaluation of USS surveillance for patients with HCC 

Multi-centre evaluation of USS surveillance for patients with HCC 

Completed Projects

Survey of research participation amongst UK radiology trainees: aspirations, barriers, solutions and the Radiology Academic Network for Trainees (RADIANT)

A short survey targeted at UK radiology trainees, that aims to characterise the current research experience.

Survey Results

Covid-19 Vaccination induced Thrombocytopenia

Investigating the frequency and location of thrombosis in each vascular system across seven sites.

Published in Radiology

Reshaping the Future of Radiology Research

Multi-centre evaluation of USS surveillance for patients with HCC 

Radiology Trainee Statistics Survey

Investigating statistical support available to UK radiology trainees, and how increased support could affect research aspirations.

Published in Clinical Radiology

Analysis of AXR in acute abdominal pain, correlation with iRefer guidelines and evaluation of clinical value of AXR. This was RADIANT's ever project!

Poster here

AXR in acute abdominal pain

Artificial intelligence in radiology: trainees want more

Understand attitudes of UK radiology trainees AI in Radiology, in particular, assessing the demand for AI education.

Published in Clinical Radiology

Simple demographic, laboratory and chest radiograph variables can identify COVID-19 patients with pulmonary thromboembolism: a retrospective multicentre United Kingdom study

To identify discriminatory demographic, laboratory and initial CXR findings; explore correlation between D-dimer and radiographic severity scores; and assess accuracy of published D-dimer thresholds to identify pulmonary thromboembolism (PTE) in COVID-19 patients

Results published in British Journal of Radiology





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