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RADIANT UK Annual Meeting 29th April 2022

Thank you to all of you who attended the annual meeting. We were delighted to be able to host a hybrid meeting at the RCR in London.

RADIANT is a relatively new network which has grown rapidly in the last few years and has already made an impact with its research and events. The focus of this meeting was to reflect on our current and completed projects, re-evaluate our network structure, and to create a plan for moving forward. We really valued the feedback we received during and after the event and are now working on plans to continue to develop RADIANT further.

As discussed at the meeting, we are moving from the previous "representative" structure and centralising communications to ensure that trainees get a fair opportunity to hear about and get involved with events. We are grateful to those of you who have been representatives so far and hope that you will continue to get involved with our projects.

Our brainstorming session was a success and our delegates developed excellent future-project ideas in a very short amount of time. We are currently working through the pitches to identify which projects can be supported by RADIANT and will be in touch with those whose ideas will be carried forward. Again, we learned a lot from the feedback and have plans to develop even better brainstorming sessions in the future.

We are currently working on a new project selection form, so if you have great ideas about potential future projects that you want to share with us then please sign up to the mailing list to find out when this form goes live (or keep an eye on the website) and send in your ideas. We will then contact you and discuss if the project is suitable for us to pursue and support you in either leading the project or being involved with its development.

Finally, we are so grateful to those of you that have expressed an interest in being involved with RADIANT. We will officially advertise committee positions soon and be in touch with those of you that expressed your interest in being involved with the committee and with future projects.



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