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About us


We are a collaborative network of trainees based across the UK

Project leads

Jelena Banglav

Assessing barriers to research involvement for LTFT Radiology trainees

Joshua Wong

Increasing awareness of Radiology amongst patients

Aiman Aslam

Multi-centre evaluation of USS surveillance for patients with HCC

Stefan Lam

Increasing awareness of Radiology amongst patients

Jeffrey Chui

Increasing awareness of Radiology amongst patients

Expert Panel

Tim Bray

Naomi Sakai

Priya Rogers

Indebir Jassel

Jason Mak

Lara Jehanli

Abishekh Ashok

Krit Dwivedi

Orsolya Vittay

Supporting committee

Oliver Spear

Oliver Spear

Meghna Rao

Meghna Rao

Jake Cowen

Jake Cowen

Neesha Cooray

Neesha Cooray


  • Tim Bray - Consultant radiologist and Honorary clinical lecturer, UCL

Past Directors

  • Margaret Hall-Craggs - Professor of Medical Imaging, UCL


Past Chairs

  • Peter Brown - 2018

    • Led first project - AXR audit​

  • Nathan Chan - 2019 - 2022

    • Chaired first committee​

    • Created website, mailing list, expanded membership and committee

    • Project involvement: led RRT grant for COVID-19 SALES, trainee research survey

  • Anmol Gangi - 2020 - 2022

    • Organised first annual meeting​

    • Led COVID-19 CTPA and CXR Projects

    • Won scientific prize for COVID-19 CTPA project at BSTI

Past Officers

  • Alistair Paterson

  • Peter DeSouza

  • ​Salma Kamaledeen​

  • Tarini Ratneswaren

  • Maria Pantelidou


  • Thank you to everyone who previously acted as Representative for their respective regions. If you wish to receive a certificate for your contribution, please contact

  • We are instead moving to a members mailing list and asking those of you who are interested in getting involved with RADIANT Projects or the committee to subscribe to keep up with any opportunities that may be of interest to you. 


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